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Client Testimonials

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

" I was skeptical of what a remote healing experience could actually accomplish but I was blown away by how much lighter I felt both emotionally and physically within hours!!! Michelle and her energy healing approach is the future, everyone needs to experience this. Thank You Michelle ”- L.B.

"Love, love Michelle! Intuitive, caring and creative, she has soothing energy that makes you instantly relaxed and at peace. Michelle listens carefully to what you are saying and draws on her gift to access your energy field to provide guidance, especially in response to your immediate questions. I felt very satisfied after our portrait session together. Working with Michelle helped me to reconnect with myself, which I found especially healing. Highly recommend! " - O.P

Give yourself a treat by allowing yourself to be healed and have your energy redirected inward by Michelle. I think this kind of work is great for healing stuck places. I have recommended Michelle to my clients when I feel they could benefit from integrating the physical realm to their healing path. I have also experienced her work and loved it. Michelle has a true gift. - S.O.

"I receive energy healing treatments from Michelle Tommasi, who is not only very nurturing, attentive and intuitive, but embodies the enthusiasm she feels about the work she does. I felt completely comfortable in her healing hands. Michelle's work provides deep relaxation and the feeling of an emotional weight being lifted off! Her intuition into one's emotional and physical spirit is uncanny and clarifying!"

- K.M

"I was very relaxed during the treatment and was surprised at the intuitiveness of Michelle's energy reading following the body work." - A.W

"I felt energized for many days after Michelle balanced my chakras and cleansed my aura. I was more present with myself and my family. She is definitely a gifted Healer." -E.P

"Thank you so much for your healing work with me at Omega Institute yesterday...your light healing touch was one of the highlights of my week here."


"Thank you so much, I feel like reaching new heights- your kindness and understanding helped me so much."


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