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BIO: Michelle Tommasi is sculptural-painter/drawer formerly of New York City currently living in New Paltz, NY, her home since 2003. Primarily working in graphite and oil on board and paper, where process, experimental and automatic -orientated painting and drawing unite in textured gestures that tend toward the chimerical and suggestive echoes of memory and sound, spirit and nature. Years of various dance methods and energetic healing modality study informs the physical and intuitive execution of her work. She's an honors nominated BFA graduate of the School of Visual Arts and attributes years working at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Tommasi family lineage of ecclesiastical marble sculptors/stonecutters/designers from Pietrasanta (Italy) as her greatest influences.

b. 1969 Yonkers, NY

1991- School of Visual Arts (Honors Nominee)- BFA in Painting/Sculpture

(Study under Marilyn Minter, Lynda Benglis, Lucio Pozzi, Stephen Westfall, Jackie Winsor, Peter Dudek)



2009- Group Show. Unison Art Gallery, New Paltz, NY

2016- Group Show ; "Sol Invictus" at Greenkill Gallery, Kingston, NY'

2017- Group Show; "Sol Invictus: Interregnum" at Greenkill Gallery, Kingston NY

2017- Group Show, "Print Parade" at Dan Welden, Sag Harbor, NY

2018- Solo Show; First Care Medical Center, New Paltz, NY

2018- Group Show; "The White Show" at The Storefront Gallery, Kingston, NY

2018- Group Show; "Transitions" at ART Bar, Kingston, NY

2018- Group Show, "To Love, To Hope, To Tremble, To Live", Dyson Center, Poughkeepsie, NY

2019- Group Show: "DREAMS that MONEY can Buy" Avalanche Art Space- Great Barrington, MA

2020-Group Show; "Bianco" at Emerge Gallery, Saugerties, NY

2020-Group Show: "Abstrakt' at Emerge Gallery, Saugerties, NY

2020-Group Show; international/juried "Memories" at Gallery 40, Poughkeepsie, NY

2021- Planned Spring 2021 two person show."Take What You Can Carry"  at Greenkill, Kingston, NY


2016-  Curator at Seven21 Media Center Gallery, Kingston, NY

2016; "Sol Invictus" at Greenkill Gallery, Kingston, NY' (Co-curated)

2017; "Sol Invictus: Interregnum at Greenkill, Kingston, NY (Co-curated)


Various performances and dance studies with: swing dance legend Frankie Manning, Lynn Simonson- Simonson Technique Teaching Certification, West African Dance with Pam & Meemo Camaro, Choreographer:Charlotte Gibbons, 

1996- Wrote and directed, "Cigarettes & Alcohol"- Theater 42, NYC

1999- Directed, "Tawny" One Man show with PJ Mehaffey, Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC

2008-2012 Performance artist/Co-organizer B.R.A.W.L (Theatrical fundraising initiative supporting at-risk women causes)

2018- Co-founder Hudson Valley Movement (Dance Collective)

2018-'Charm of Impossibilities", Choreographed by Charlotte Gibbons- BSP Kingston, NY

2019- "X" with Hudson Valley Movement for O+ Festival, Kingston, NY

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