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Innerscape Portrait

Ready to decompress and gain a renewed sense of self?

An Innerscape Portrait is a healing modality during which a portrait is drawn that illuminates your internal landscape- its energetic make up and any information that is ready to be revealed by your higher-self to help you move forward in more alignment with your true purpose. Release and relax with an energy balancing and window to your soul experience that is gift to yourself or someone you love. 

  • This special and personal session is 90 min. and includes an energy balancing and clearing, custom drawn portrait and portrait reading.

  • Private and relaxing atmosphere where the focus is on you.

  • People have connected with the Innerscape experience at renowned institutions such as The Omega Institute of Holistic Studies and Auberge Wildflower Farms.

  • Portraits are drawn with chalk pastel on heavy weight Canson paper and gently packaged for easy transport.

Have more questions or ready to book? Let's set up a time to discuss here

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