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"I recently had an Intuitive Aura Portrait + Reading with Michelle, and what an amazing experience! It’s such a unique offering — I always feel empowered and more myself after any type of energy work, but to have someone capture that in a portrait (that you can then take home with you to have as a beautiful representation of your inner self) is really special. Michelle made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process, checking in with me regularly and really listening to what was coming up for me. The energy healing session was so relaxing and felt like a much-needed reset and escape from the stresses of everyday life. Sitting for the portrait was relaxing as well, and as Michelle showed me what she had drawn and walked me through the main elements of the portrait, I felt deeply seen. She perfectly captured how I feel on the inside, and I love that I now have a tangible reminder of what lives inside of me. Highly recommend this unique offering for anyone wanting to connect with themselves on a deeper level."


"I've had energy healing sessions with Michelle before and each time I feel like it's a true collaboration. I loved my Intuitive Aura Portrait session, it was very illuminating! What she was able to pick up on during the portrait process along with her intuitive guidance helped me to gain clarity on some things. The session also helped me get centered and grounded and was a really unique and healing experience! Michelle is not only very kind and compassionate but she is also a talented artist! I have my portrait hanging up and when I see it always brings me a sense of coming home to myself. I think it's a great catalyst for self exploration. " 


"It was such a special experience. My beautiful portrait is on display in my quiet yoga and exercise space."  -A.J

"I was skeptical of what a remote healing experience could actually accomplish but I was blown away by how much lighter I felt both emotionally and physically within hours!!! Michelle and her energy healing approach is the future, everyone needs to experience this. Thank You Michelle .My energy feels clearer than ever before. " - L.B. Global Marketing Director

"I’m having some crazy breakthroughs !." - B.B, AdvertisingProducer

"Following my remote session with Michelle I felt a new sense of calm and balance during a time of personal struggle in my life. Her techniques are therapeutic, authentic and exactly what I needed. I am looking forward to my next visit and the progressive healing I know I will achieve with her."- M.M,  BusinessManager


" After my energy healing with Michelle I had more energy and I felt more balanced than I had in a long time. It can be hard for me to relax, but with Michelle I reached such a rare level of relaxation fairly easily which facilitated her incredible healing. I recommend a session with her 100% and will be coming back to her for more. We wore PPE and I felt very safe and heard with her regarding my needs and care.."- J.C

"I had a great experience working with Michelle. She brought calm energy and gently guided me to ground myself through her session. My mind started to slow down after the session and helped me to transfer my body and my mind for creative work for my song writing. Her aura drawing also gave me some tool to seek deep inside of myself. Thank you Michelle."- M. H, Musician & Music therapist

"I went to Michelle to work on some physical issues. She was very intuitive and soothing. I felt areas in my body have actual openings, as if physically blockages were releasing. Michelle made observations that were extremely accurate and had suggestions for ways to keep opening areas both in my body and life. I really appreciated her wholistic approach, I found many of her thoughts resonated with me on my path to healing. I would highly recommend her. " K.C, Designer

"Love, love Michelle! Intuitive, caring and creative, she has soothing energy that makes you instantly relaxed and at peace. Michelle listens carefully to what you are saying and draws on her gift to access your energy field to provide guidance, especially in response to your immediate questions. I felt very satisfied after our portrait session together. Working with Michelle helped me to reconnect with myself, which I found especially healing. Highly recommend! " - O.P, teacher


Give yourself a treat by allowing yourself to be healed and have your energy redirected inward by Michelle. I think this kind of work is great for healing stuck places. I have recommended Michelle to my clients when I feel they could benefit from integrating the physical realm to their healing path. I have also experienced her work and loved it. Michelle has a true gift. - S.O., Social Worker


"I receive energy healing treatments from Michelle Tommasi, who is not only very nurturing, attentive and intuitive, but embodies the enthusiasm she feels about the work she does.  I felt completely comfortable in her healing hands. Michelle's work provides deep relaxation and the feeling of an emotional weight being lifted off! Her intuition into one's emotional and physical spirit is uncanny and clarifying!"- K.M, Massage therapist


 "I was very relaxed during the treatment and was surprised at the intuitiveness of Michelle's energy reading following the body work." - A.W, Health Coach


"I felt energized for many days after Michelle balanced my chakras and cleansed my aura.  I was more present with myself and my family.  She is definitely a gifted Healer." -E.P- Occupational Therapist


"Thank you so much for your healing work with me at Omega Institute yesterday...your light healing touch was one of the highlights of my week here."



"Thank you so much, I feel like reaching new heights- your kindness and understanding helped me so much."


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