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Aura Portrait Healing Sessions

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

What's your vibe? Curious what your energy says about you? As energy beings we embody a field around us that can scientifically be measured. Often referred to as bio-field and more commonly an AURA, that when read by an experienced practitioner can provide a wealth of information about your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state of being. Figuring out your current energy allows you to make any shifts needed to be fully in alignment with your spiritual intentions and to feel more whole.

It's Energy Healing and a custom portrait artwork warmly wrapped up into one therapeutic session.

During an aura portrait session, the specific energetic information about you is accessed through a divination process and interpreted into the drawing. Session starts with a relaxing guided meditation, an auric cleansing, energy and chakra balance and culminates into a guidance experience to help you connect deeper to your true self. Both a traditional portrait and interpretive one, an individual's auric patterns as well as any symbolic information that comes forward--meaning what you are ready to see, hear and learn at this time is brought to the forefront. Portrait readings can help people make a decision, resolve a "block", gain clarity about a situation, and gain deeper knowledge about the self. An enriching healing and informative experience, keep the artwork for further reflection as you move forward in your unique life. It is a 90 minute wellness service like no other.

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Recent Aura Portrait testimonial:

"I recently had an Intuitive Aura Portrait + Reading with Michelle, and what an amazing experience! It’s such a unique offering — I always feel empowered and more myself after any type of energy work, but to have someone capture that in a portrait (that you can then take home with you to have as a beautiful representation of your inner self) is really special.

Michelle made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process, checking in with me regularly and really listening to what was coming up for me. The energy healing session was so relaxing and felt like a much-needed reset and escape from the stresses of everyday life. Sitting for the portrait was relaxing as well, and as Michelle showed me what she had drawn and walked me through the main elements of the portrait, I felt deeply seen. She perfectly captured how I feel on the inside, and I love that I now have a tangible reminder of what lives inside of me. Highly recommend this unique offering for anyone wanting to connect with themselves on a deeper level."

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