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Feel relief & release on a deeper level

Simply put, hands on/spiritual/ energy healing reaches places of imbalances on a deeper level and brings a new sense of relief, rejuvenation and inner calm, Energy Healers like to say, the work "takes off where talk therapy leaves off". By gentle placing of hands the healer is able to redirect, balance, clear blocked energy on a cellular level. Truly, it needs to be experienced. If you cannot pinpoint the reason for not "feeling yourself" or feel you are ready to release negative "energy" that is not serving you consider calling for a free consultation and learn more. Often times this blocked or negative energy will show up as stress, emotional imbalance, physical pain. and more. Healing and releasing from past or current emotional trauma is greatly aided with this work. This work gets to the source of your dis-ease and dis-comfort and one needs nothing more than to show up and receive this gift. Feeling called? Check out the client feedback page to hear what others have to say or call me at 845-750-6917 to discuss, calls returned with-in 24 hours or email I'm always happy to answer any questions. Ready to Book? Go straight to Online Booking and Services here

Note: Energy healing is a complimentary modality that shouldn't exclude any Western medicine or treatment you may be receiving.

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