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On Self Acceptance

87% percent of the baggage that we carry, is not ours. When we are born into this world. We are pure. We are handed the psychic baggage of those before us. Actually, in utero we are absorbing before we even enter the world we absorb much more. We don’t understand words, sounds, but no one can argue that we absorb vibrations, like a plant absorbs the sun. There we are in the womb, germinating in the soil of life being fed the toxins along with the nutrients of love. Vibrations of loves lost, dreams failed, visions unrealized, standards surrendered, values lost, souls crushed, boundaries broken, dignity questioned, things stolen. There, and generations before our ancestors use illusions, delusions and chosen realities as vehicles in life. Then there we are. Hmm. Just a vegging blob, on a journey we may or may have not asked to be on.

There we are, entering this life with generations and some would say lifetimes, of energetic cargo delivered to us via the slow steady conveyor system, and there we are, at the baggage claim picking it all up at the Creation Gate. There we waddle off, walking around off balance, in pain, and as we grow we look around and see damn, there is one more bag to pick up and deal with. Look at, open up and exasperated you are like, ‘Where’d all this shit come from” . Innocently we carry it around, thinking it is ours to deal with. Insurmountable. You only hear about the gates that greet us at the end, what about the gates that we passed through to get here? It’s probably the same gate. People coming and going all the time. When we go, all that baggage is left behind, you can’t take it with you. And they didn’t. So there it stands, and lingers at the gate. And there we are. Being passed the baton, of self doubt, spiritual loss, confusion, depression...of course we get passed the good things. But those we can deal with. Poor us, have compassion-because that is a major burden. WE have to figure all this out…why am I like this, why this why that, get in touch with that…. so says all the self help books, analyst, western therapists, and Facebook Memes. I say no. No, it is not mine. But the thing it’s there. It’s the energetic legacy of our tribe. You do your best, work through what you can., to make the load lighter for the next ones. But it’s not our responsibility to fix it all. It is not our responsibility. At creation we simply are. You are. I am. That is the baseline of existence. Everything else we add or are given, is extra. I am this. I am that. Bring it back, to simply what we know for sure, the only truth that we can say with absolute certainty, is “I am. My thought, and what ever else is guiding me to write this is, when we can arrive back at that infinite comfort and beginning place of “I am.” , that is where we will find peace. The more we return there the more we bring it forward integrating it into our being. So when the quagmire “paralysis of analysis” entraps us, shake it off, step back, put a hand up and confidently say, “Not thank you, that shit ain’t mine”. Unless of course you know for sure that it is, then by all means, heal it.

Barbara Brennan, author, teacher, renowned Physist -turned –intuitive healer posits in her book “Hands of Light”, the concept that the cause of all illness, mental or physical, is that, “we have forgotten who we are”. So when you, factor in, “what we’ve been given” vs “what is actually mine”, you can see that your stuff is the tip of the iceberg while the rest is that 87% percent under water, that you really have no clue what it is. But it’s there. And there you are. In that 13% is “who you really are”.

In 15th Century Medici fueled Florence, The Pareto principle otherwise known at the 80/20 principle was developed. The assumption is that most of the results in any situation are determined by a small number of causes. At the time he noticed that 80% of income in Italy was received by 20% of the Italian population.

71% of the earth is water, 60% of the human body is made of water. We are made of a bunch of stuff, but only a small percentage matters in the here and now. Let the 20% be the “I am.”

It’s not just knowing it and saying it, but feeling it as you say it. "I AM". If you are calm, relaxed and open, you can actually feel it move through your body. Repeat gently to your self. "I AM". Close your eyes. Breathe in softly on the "I", exhale slowly on the "AM" Tune out everything around you and into the warmth of air filling your lungs. And the feel of your body getting more relaxed with each exhale. It’s the slightest tingle of warmth flowing through all your cells. Repeat for a few minutes. I hope you try it. And keep trying it until you feel it. Because that is where YOU are.

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