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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

By gentle placing of hands the healing practitioner is able to redirect, balance, clear blocked energy on a cellular level. Much like other bodywork sessions, like massage, you are greeted with a safe, calm, nurturing environment in a spa like atmosphere. Sessions with me include auric clearing, energy assessment, chakra balancing followed with an energy body reading which, along with intuitive and spiritual guidance, will determine which protocols and number of sessions would best serve you to help you heal.

Sessions typically run 1 hr in length and includes an overview of what brought you in, about 45 minutes on the table for the healing and then in closing we will discuss the energy assessment and possible pathways for further healing . One must understand that there is a spiritual component that underlies most challenges (illness) and together we will explore what is revealed during the session to help your mind, body and spirit rejuvenate and heal. For some clients one session is enough for others once a month on going session supports them on the healing journey. For acute issues, sometimes 3-5 consecutive weekly sessions is needed.

Phone consultations are highly suggested, are free and easily booked online or email michelle.tommasi@gmail(.)com

(Photos for demonstration purposes only. They are not actual clients)

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