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8 steps to know yourself better

Breathe, experience, next. Remember these three words as they will help you with the steps offered below to help you know yourself on a deeper level and/or at least begin the process.

Knowing your internal energy is something that you can access right now. The better the energy flow within the body, the better energy that emanates from you. But most important YOU are the one I care about and this post is for you to help you feel better.

Ever wonder if you have blocked or unbalanced energy? There are many sure fire signs that energy balancing would benefit you, most commonly if you are having any illness in your body, then it is safe to say, on a molecular level, energy is not flowing or functioning as healthily as it could. We are talking about common things such as digestive issues, shoulder pain, lower back and leg pain, menstrual issues, rashes, anxiety/sleep disturbance, but that is just the surface. One does not need to wait until these imbalances, if left unresolved, lead to more serious problems in the mental, emotional or physical body.

There are ways to heal and take care of yourself before these symptoms take over leading to doctor visits and spending hundreds of dollars on medicines that may not be necessary, and that certainly don't ever truly get to the root of the problem. If there are no health issues presently on the surface, but you're feeling that something is not quite right, or having issues in life that just seem to keep holding you back, no matter how hard you've tried to figure it out, Energy Healing (Chakra balancing, bio-field therapy) can provide an avenue to understand yourself on a deeper level and liberate you.

Giving yourself a body scan will help you find out for yourself what your body is telling you. A self-body scan, which means to travel through to each of the main energy centers of your body and assess its condition. If you follow the steps below not only do I promise you will feel relaxed but it will offer you a very basic sense of where some of your energy may be off balance or blocked thus opening up opportunities for you to feel better. Before I get to far, this is also an introduction to the idea that the true brain and intellect for health, is not what is contained beneath the skull, but your whole entire body.

Yes, your body is your brain.

A body scan is not only a fun way to get to know your "brain", it is also a wonderful tool to use when having trouble falling asleep, being present or resting, as it is very relaxing to the mind, body and soul (I do it all the time!).

The best way to do a "Breathe, Experience, Next!" self-body scan is to read through the next few steps entirely to know what to do and then, turn away from your computer, shut your phone off for a few minutes and begin experiencing each step. It can be done anywhere. Remember: Breath, experience, next!

1) Close your eyes.

2) Take a few slow easy breaths to bring your attention inwards.

3) Sit for a moment, letting go of everything around you and outside of you.

(This only works if you actually intend to let it: so go for it, no one is looking!)

4) Go inward with your attention.

5) Become aware of yourself from the tips of your fingers and toes.

As you do this, notice is your inhale and exhale easy? Are your eyes shut gently or are you squinting them shut?

Relax and be gentle, so that you set the conditions to be able to "hear" yourself.

6) In a sequence from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, softly become aware and bring your attention to each of the following areas, one by one with a full inhale and exhale in between. :

Top of your head,

Forehead (space between your eyes)


Chest/heart area

Soft area below your ribs (above bellybutton,

Your lower abdomen,

And, finally your "seat"

7) When your attention lands on each area, take a slow inhale and slow exhale. Be still and hangout in that liminal space for a sec! See if you can give the area at least 15 seconds of attention and awareness. Before your next inhale feel if there is any sensation, subtle characteristic of that area. Challenge yourself to see if you can experience that area. If you had to give it a name or adjective, what would it be? (Feel free to write it down or just make a mental note).

No thinking, no judging. What adjective comes to mind if you were to describe the sensation of that area in one word. Heavy, tense, lumpy, tight, jittery, light , tingley, cool, bubbly?

8) In essence, the process is -- breathe, experience each part and then move to the next.

Don't shut your computer or close this window yet! Once you have read through these steps and before you begin, suspend all self judgement of what you may find. As an Energy Healing practitioner let me just say, being unbalanced or blocked in certain areas is not bad! It's nothing to panic about. Being aware of your internal energy is a wonderful free gift to yourself. The information is there for you to learn from. Unless you are a very highly evolved spiritual being with every energy center functioning at such high vibrations and frequencies that you are levitating, there are going to be areas that need work and healing, we all do. These energy centers directly relate to the more observable and "on the surface" emotional, mental and physical challenges you may be experiencing. It's finding the source of the leak instead of just cleaning up the water over and over. Listen to the whispers of your body so it does not have to scream. Once you know the source, you can begin the healing. The first step is the listening. Enjoy.

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